What is LLU?

Local Loop Unbundling (LLU) is the process by which providers install their own equipment in BT’s local exchanges taking over the copper wire between the exchange and the customer’s premises, offering a full Metallic Path Facility allowing both voice and high speed data services on a single line.

Delivered over a “21st Century Network”
MSAN platform
IP data and voice soft-switching Class 4 & 5.
Dual 10 GB IP core network
MPLS-enabled for future services

The main piece of equipment required is a Multi Service Access Node (MSAN). This is a cabinet populated by line cards for each unbundled line

LLU allows the implementation of a Next Generation Network (21CN).
This refers to a telecoms network that no longer uses mechanical, or first generation switching platforms. Voice traffic is carried the same as data, using a series of digital signals between caller and recipient. There is no continuous connection between the two parties as call is divided into packets that travel over the IP network.

The Pricing flexibility and product bundling -
Due to charging structure, particularly for full unbundling, operators are able to be much more radical in the way they price and bundle the three core services of voice, line rental and broadband.

A broader range of services -
This applies not only to the ability of broadband providers to deliver much higher speeds to customers and charge them accordingly, but also to innovation through TV over broadband and other content-based applications. It also allows for the development of value-added voice services such as call recording and voicemail.

Today’s Offering –
Voice (LLU)
Line rental (LLU)
Up to 8Mbps Broadband (LLU)

Tomorrow’s LLU Offering –
ISDN Line rental
SIP Trunks
Business Broadband
Hosted PBX

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