Each of the many customers who have already migrated their line rental charges to ADK were made aware of the benefits of doing so and the cost savings that could be applied.

Because ADK are classed as a BT Wholesale third party order point, we now have the ability to offer reduced line rental charges to potential and existing clients, this is based on having existing BT or BT WLR lines on site. If you have a third party line provider it may be more cost effective in the long term to replace these with BT WLR. We are also able to provide new telephone line solutions. This also means we can provide a genuine ‘One Bill’ solution for both call traffic and line rentals, further assisting the way businesses manage their billing.

A reduction in the cost of your line rental.

Easy to understand bills encompassing line rental and call costs

Quality of service

Existing BT numbers can be retained

A seamless transfer with no disruption of service