• When did you last address your telephone bills and charges? • Do you know if your current telecoms provider is competitive? • Why not compare ADK rates against your current provider?

ADK are a reseller of leading UK Networks and as such have a number of agreements in place to provide alternative billing solutions.

This allows us the ability to present our current and future clients with an independent and unbiased view of the call cost market and bespoke tariff packages according to their calling profile.

How does it work? We analyse your telephone bill to establish your call patterns and your existing rates to each destination. Based on this profile we present you with alternative rates and the cost saving that can be achieved accordingly.

ADK own our billing platform, which enables us to tailor the presentation of your bill to specific requirements. These bills are generated monthly by our billing department and emailed to the requested recipient.

Efficient and convenient cost savings.

Quality and service levels assured.

Monthly billing.

Your telephone number does not change.

Online Billing